„Don’t worry, BeDensi“: Fundamental characteristics of powders easily determined

It is usually the „little things“, which make life easier. Just like our small instruments of the BeDensi series, which allow a fast and easy access to important characteristics of powders such as bulk and tap density, as well as the flowability of powdered materials. Even though particle size is current standard criterion for the evaluation of powder quality, the determination of fundamental macroscopic characteristics allows for quality evaluation as well.

Next to their “microscopic” particle characteristics, which can be evaluated thanks to modern analytical methods such as laser diffraction or dynamic imaging analysis, more complex phenomena have an influence on the “macroscopic” behavior of powders. Degrees of agglomeration, tendency to electrostatic charging and humidity content are among key factors which influence flowability, pourability and compactability of powdered materials. It is therefore crucial to analyze these characteristics as an essential part of quality control in many fields – regardless if it is goods receipt, targeted powder design in research and development or process control.

The intuitive handling as well as the direct and comprehensible measurement of the desired parameters combined with a standardized design for the highest degree of reproducibility allows for a basic, macroscopic characterization of powders with optimal price-performance ratio.

The BeDensi series consists of the following individual products:

BeDensi B1: Determination of bulk density of non-metallic powders

BeDensi B1-S: Scott-Volumeter for non-conformic determination of bulk density of metal powders (ISO 3923-2, ASTM B329-14)

HFlow-1: Hall-Flowmeter for non-conformic determination of flowability of metal powders (ISO 4490, ASTM B213-13)

BeDensi T1, T2 and T3: Determination of tap density of powders and granulates (ISO 3953)

Does your application require a thorough, macroscopic characterization of powders? The PowderPro A1 allows a fully automated analysis of fundamental parameters as well as the determination of additional characteristics such as angle of repose and collapse, flat-plate angle, dispersibility or powder porosity.

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