No April Fool’s joke: Despite the Corona virus, we are still available for you!

Dear friends, customers and prospects,

the 3P team is also there for you in special situations! In the following, we provide information on how we deal with the current corona situation and how we adapt to the new requirements.

1. For users of analytical instruments from 3P Instruments or the former Quantachrome GmbH & Co. KG, which includes, for example, the CILAS laser granulometers:

3P Instruments works despite Corona virus

Particle size and shape are determined with the Bettersizer S3 Plus in our laboratory.

Even during corona times, our 3P team offers extensive service, consulting support and test measurements as well as a comprehensive range of contract measurements. All service technicians are available, the technical specialists are also ready to work and the LabSPA (Lab for Scientific Particle Analysis) is working at full capacity! The administration also sends you unrestricted and prompt quotations for spare parts and accessories – we continue to support not only our 3P instrument users but also all customers of the Cilas and Quantachrome instruments purchased from us. Simply contact

2. For all those interested in the determination of particle sizes, BET surface area and pore analysis and all other measuring methods to be found on our homepage:

You may ask yourself, how can 3P Instruments continue to work as “normal” and even respond so customer-friendly to express orders for contract measurements?

Answer: We do not work “regular”! Like many other companies, we now work according to an emergency plan. One difference of our independent company, however, is that we can make our own decisions very quickly – in your and our interest and always depending on the concrete situation. At the moment, more than half of our employees are in their home offices. This also protects the laboratory employees who, for example, could move to individual offices. We accept express orders for measurements at any time and process them during the weekends if necessary – the risk of infection is even lower then…

3. For all those prospects who actually wanted to inform themselves directly about the latest developments in particle and pore analysis at the fairs and conferences in 2020:

All our specialists are available to provide you with the information you require on measuring methods and equipment. Via Skype or Teams, both departments “Dispersions” and “Surfaces and Pores” are available online to discuss all questions with you:

  • Discussion of your test and order measurements, which are carried out in our LabSPA
  • Online instrument training for all analytical instruments and measuring methods
  • Troubleshooting: Just send us your measurement data and questions – our specialists will help you with interpretation and problem solving – if necessary, we will also help with a comparative measurement
3P Instruments Homeoffice CoVid-19

We work – where possible – from home!

Simply contact us, we will react flexibly according to your requirements!

+49 8134 9324 0

Stay healthy and best wishes,

Your 3P Team

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