News date 01/15/2019

Dear Swiss, we come to you: Workshops for dispersions in Lausanne and Basel in March 2019

Liquid dispersions (emulsions, suspensions, foams) are playing an important role for various industries. Their properties are often very difficult to predict or to be influenced due to their empirical formulation and the lack of information on the specific or colloidal conditions.

The aim of this workshop is to summarize the most important and basic properties of liquid dispersions and to present current measurement techniques to characterize these systems sufficiently.

The following topics will be presented:

Invitational Lecture
Basics on colloidal stability in dispersions

Particle Size and Shape characterization by Static Light Scattering and Dynamic Image Analysis combined in a new-generation instrument
Theoretical background, definitions, experimental setup – BETTERSIZER S3 Plus

Stability of dispersions by Multiple Light Scattering
Theoretical background, definitions, experimental setup – TURBISCAN

Optical Viscosity by Microfluidics
Theoretical background, definitions, experimental setup – FLUIDICAM RHEO

The Practical Course in the afternoon introduces three instruments by measuring real samples. All participants are asked to bring their samples out of their daily business to investigate particle size and shape, viscosity or stability of the dispersions:

– Particle Sizing and Image Analysis – BETTERSIZER S3 Plus
– Stability – TURBISCAN
– Viscosity – FLUIDICAM RHEO

Please find the registration form here. An early registration assures you the workshop participation. Do not hesitate to contact us in case of questions.

+49 8134 9324 0

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