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Turbiscan Classic 2

Basics of the technology for short-term stability, and its Oil Series version
TURBISCAN™ CLASSIC helps to optimise the pre-formulation work at emulsions and suspensions by giving a quick insight into the instability phenomena like particle migration and agglomeration. This updated version of the first TURBISCAN is still a success after 20 years.

Stability and shelf-life are key parameters in formulation studies. TURBISCAN CLASSIC 2 is the first patented technology to analyse destabilization mechanisms in concentrated media. Creaming, sedimentation, agglomeration, aggregation and coalescence are detected at a very early stage without dilution nor stress. Stability kinetics and index are provided for an efficient sample analysis.

Measuring principle of the Turbiscan Classic 2

Benefits and key features

  • Identification and quantification of destabilization effects in emulsions and suspensions
  • No Sample preparation
  • No Sample dilution
  • Quick and reliable
  • Portable and robust
  • designed for use in the field due to delivery in a flightcase
  • OIL SERIES: compliant with ASTM D-7061 for Heavy Fuel Oil analysis

Literature and Norms

/1/ DIN ISO 18748
/2/ ASTM D-7061
/3/ Particle World 20; p. 16-17; “Fast determination of stability and packing in inkjet inks – Examination of different pigments”

Other instruments:

Turbiscan Lab Expert The Reference Stability Analyser
Turbiscan Tower The new Reference, 6 Stations
Turbiscan AGS High Throughput Stability Analyser


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