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A precious tool to characterise viscoelasticity and its evolution

The state-of-the-art device RHEOLASER MASTER is dedicated to monitor evolution of the rheological properties, such as viscoelasticity change versus ageing time, or sol-gel transition with high accuracy thanks to the Time Cure Superposition (TCS-) method.
RHEOLASER MASTER enables the measurement of the evolution of viscosity and elasticity, in bulk samples, without any mechanical stress. The analysis takes place at rest, allowing to monitor sample evolution, such as gelation, rheology ageing, or samples stability. The measurement is performed in a closed glass cell, preventing any evaporation or drying, and making it safe to operate at all time.

Measuring principle of RHEOLASER Master

Benefits and key features

  • Measurement at rest (no mechanical stress)
  • Viscoelastic properties vs. time
  • Easy sample handling and data treatment
  • 6 simultaneous measurements
  • From RT to 90 °C
  • Time Cure Superposition treatment for accurate gel point determination
  • l* (mean free path of photons) to monitor macroscopic evolution (size or concentration)

Literature and Norms

/1/ Christelle Tisserand et al., „Passive Microrheology for Measurement of the Concentrated Dispersions Stability”, Progr Colloid Polym Sci (2012) 139

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