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mixSorb SHP (High Pressure)

The mixSorb SHP (high pressure) was designed as a special device series especially for applications in the natural gas sector as well as gas storage studies on new materials under high system pressures (up to 68 bar).

For the investigation of new materials for the purification of natural gas for the separation of higher hydrocarbons, for drying and further investigations pressures up to 70 bar are necessary, in order to reflect the technically relevant system pressures.

In the field of gas storage studies are on the one hand the reversibility (loading and unloading of an adsorptive gas storage) and on the other hand for possible, undesirable enrichment of impurities of the gas to be stored required. For adsorptive methane storage (ANG), for example, pressure ranges up to approx. 40 bar are frequently investigated.

Another application is the adsorptive purification of reforming gas for hydrogen production. Technically, these processes are carried out at system pressures of about 30 – 40 bar. Also in this case novel materials for this application should be examined in the mentioned pressure range.

The fully automated mixSorb SHP is controlled by the mixSorb Manager PC software. In this software, a large number of sequences, which can differ in terms of all relevant parameters (temperature, pressure, gas velocity or residence time, gas/vapor-mixture concentrations etc.), are lined up and completely automatically measured according to the selected procedure.

With the available vapor option, up to two completely independent evaporator systems can be used fully automatically to generate the most complicated gas/vapor-mixtures and thus to derive even more comprehensive information about co-adsorption phenomena or displacement effects from the measured data.

The corresponding modeling software 3P sim enables the calculation and adaptation of pure gas isotherms as well as breakthrough curves and the precalculation of mixture equilibria.


  • Determination of breakthrough curves
  • Investigation of co-adsorption and displacement
  • Determination of sorption selectivity
  • Estimation of applicability of synthesized materials in technical processes
  • Dynamic adsorption and desorption experiments
  • Determination of single- and multi-component adsorption data
  • Investigation of kinetic performance of novel materials
  • In-situ sample preparation up to 400 °C
  • Fully automated control via PC by using mixSorb Manager
  • Automated regulation of the adsorber pressure up to 68 bar
  • Up to 4 high precision mass flow controllers
  • Automated built-in gas and gas/vapor mixing
  • Measurement of inlet and outlet gas composition
  • Tempering of sample cell by thermostat automatically
  • Monitoring of pressure drop along the sample cell
  • Built-in Thermo Conductivity Detector (TCD); optional gas analysis via interfaced Mass Spectrometer
  • Safety guard sensor for flammable gases for automatic shut down
  • Enhanced Safety by intelligent illuminated workspace

Literatur und Normen

dynamicsorption.com – detailed description of features, advantages, scientific background and examples of dynamic sorption methods (flow-method)

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  • individual design of sample cell for different sample geometry
  • design of special membrane cells

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  • to supply gas-/vapor mixtures
  • precise vapor dosing by fully automated and tempered saturator
  • built in up to 2 completely independent saturators

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  • Allows connection of a vacuum pump for sample pre-treatment or measurment at lower pressures or for evacuation of the sample cell < 1 bar (membrane- or scroll-vacuum pump)

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  • for investigation of ternary or quaternary gas mixtures
  • different Mass Spectrometer are available

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Other sorption analyzers for gas/vapor-mixtures

mixSorb L Complex dynamic sorption processes for industrial adsorbens material (up to 100 ml; up to 10 bar)
mixSorb S Complex dynamic sorption processes for adsorbens material of R&D (> 100 mg; up to 8 bar)


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