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iPore Porometer series

The iPore is an advanced capillary flow porometer series, which yield accurate and reproducible data. It requires minimal operator involvement with considerably small test durations. The iPore porometers are designed for linear turbulence free flow of test gas, the pressure is measured close to the sample, thereby minimizing the correction in differential pressure measurement. Six different models are available to suit varying pore size ranges and flow rates according to customer needs. Each model has an appropriate measuring system with pressure control, sensing, acquisition and data analysis software, sample holders, various unique upgrade options, accessory and consumable kits.


The determinable pore size dependent properties include:

  • Mean Pore Size
  • Pore Size Distribution
  • Pore Flow% Distribution
  • Pore Number Distribution
  • Bubble Point (the largest through pore throat diameter)
  • Bubble Point Mean flow pore diameter
  • Pore Surface Area
  • Pressure Hold Test
  • Gas Permeability
  • Liquid Permaability
  • Cumulative Filter Flow

Literature and Norms

/1/ ASTM D6767
/2/ ASTM E128
/3/ ASTM F316
/4/ DIN ISO 4003:1990
/5/ DIN 58355-2:2005
/6/ ISO 2942
/7/ Particle World 20; p. 30-32; “Characterization of through-pore systems with PMI-Porometers”

Other Pore Size Analyzers:

Liquid-Liquid Porometer1 Station Analyzer
3P micro 1001 Station Analyzer
3P micro 2002 Station Analyzer
3P micro 3003 Station Analyzer
3P meso 1121 Station Analyzer
3P meso 2222 Station Analyzer
3P meso 4004 Station Analyzer


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