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3P densi 100

Single station automatic gas pycnometer for volume and density measurement of porous solids and powders. Sample volume of 3P densi 100 ranges from 1 cm³ up to 100 cm³. Easy to handle the instrument by the 10-inch touch-screen.


  • Easy to handle the instrument by the 10-inch touch-screen
  • Additional measurement option for measuring of the closed cell content for foams and other samples
  • Measurements and printout of results are totally automatic. Continuous self-diagnostics monitor and signal fault conditions that may arise. The transducer is reset to zero prior to each run. Front panel LED’s display the operational status at all times.
  • Sample temperature is displayed and printed to ±0.1 °C. This feature is important for (a) verifying operation at the calibration point or, (b) making corrections when analyzing larger quantities of materials whose density varies significantly with temperature. Optional temperature controlled capability is available.
  • Pycnometer volume calibration spheres can be provided with a report of calibration using measuring devices traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • features: Ethernet connections to a PC and communication via a standard web browser. Analysis can be started and monitored from the PC, even remotely on a network. Reports can be accessed for analysis on the PC, or can be stored on an external USB flash / thumb drive.

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