The sorption analyzer 3P meso 222 has successfully passed the round-robin “Pore size parameters of nanoporous titanium dioxide” of the BAM!

The Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) has carried out the round-robin test “Pore size parameter of nanoporous titanium dioxide, calculated from the nitrogen sorption isotherm at 77.3 K” for the certification of the new nanoporous reference material BAM-P115. 3P Instruments has been participating in round-robin tests for more than 20 years and has again achieved very good results.

The aim of the round-robin test was to ensure internal quality assurance and performance verification of the equipment. A total of 12 laboratories from 7 countries participated in the test. Titanium dioxide in the modification “Anatase” was used as reference material and was classified by BAM as homogeneous and long-term stable (see following figures).

BAM-P115 Round Robin Test BAM

The reference was sent to the laboratories after representative sampling and was measured 5 times. The results for the determination of pore volume VP, specific surface area ABET and pore diameter DBJH(Des) are shown in the following figures in comparison with the other laboratories. The 3P meso 222 is marked C10 and is in the range of the single error tolerance of 1 sigma in each case.

BAM-P115 3P meso 222 Round Robin Test BAM

We are pleased about the very good and reliable result of the 3P meso 222. You can download the certificate of participation here:

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