3P Instruments has its 30th company anniversary – celebrate with us!

Since the foundation of the company as Quantachrome GmbH in 1990, we stand for the comprehensive characterization of particles, powders and porous materials. Initially, our portfolio included laser granulometers from Cilas as well as surface and pore analyzers from Quantachrome, in combination with the corresponding instrument service. In 1999 and 2005, the product range was extended with the market leading analytical instruments from Dispersion Technology and Formulaction.

The Laboratory for Scientific Particle Analysis (LabSPA) with all the instruments we offer has been an integral part of our services since 2008. Due to the successful development of the company, a restructuring into the departments Dispersions, Pores, Service and Administration, which still exist today, took place in 2012. In 2014, a separate R&D department was founded, in which, among other things, dynamic sorption devices are developed (mixSorb).

Four years later, changes in the equipment suppliers opened a new chapter in the company history. We replaced the laser granulometers of the company Cilas by technologically more advanced analytical instruments of the manufacturer Bettersize. As before, we continue to offer our Cilas customers excellent service and maintenance, also for all existing equipment. In the field of surface and pore analysis, 3P Instruments is breaking new ground through in-house developments and with its partners JWGB and Altamira. With the reorganization of the service and instrument portfolio, the company was renamed into 3P Instruments GmbH & Co. KG and since then, a significant internationalization of our business activities is taking place.

3P Instruments Company History Timeline

The current Corona situation is of course a new challenge in the company’s history, which we have mastered well so far thanks to the flexibility of our experienced team and the great customer confidence in our reliability.

Of course, we have planned some anniversary highlights for our customers and prospects:

  • A large special edition of our free application magazine “Particle World”, which will be published in September
  • A lottery to celebrate our anniversary – with attractive prizes
  • A feature article in the laboratory magazines GIT & Wiley Analytical Science
  • A two-day online training seminar on 10th and 11th November (in German language only)
Balloons for the 30th birthday of 3P Instruments

We are pleased to celebrate this milestone in the company’s history with you and thank you for many years of trust!

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